Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hot Spots for Lyft drivers in San Francisco?

What are the hotspots in San Francisco for Lyft drivers? The best spots to receive ride requests on the Lyft ride sharing platform in San Francisco are the Marina District, anywhere Downtown, 19th and Valencia, Panhandle,  Fillmore District, Upper and Lower Haight, and Bay Street near Pier 39.

Keep moving in the city. If drivers want long rides, they can start driving near the Sunset and Outer Richmond. However, ride requests with Lyft are popular along South Van Ness going toward the Marina, as well as Outer Mission. During Golden Gate events, ride requests are riding high. Position yourself in areas where people will likely request rides.

Lyft drivers who just drive in the hot spots above are likely to keep busy during the peak times. The Marina is a great spot to find early rides. There are also rides near Utah Street underneath the bridge. We believe there is a club there, so many drunk riders are in need of a ride.

Driving along South Van Ness toward Pier 39 will produce ride requests from the left side: Panhandle, Fillmore, Marina, Haight, Pacific Heights and other districts.

Happy Lyfting!

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