Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Good idea for Uber - Set Filters

Drive in an area where ride requests arrive from many miles away? Wish you could filter out these rides to receive local requests? Uber should consider using filters to allow drivers to choose requests within certain distances between drop-offs and pickups. SideCar uses a filter to keep drop-offs and pickups within various distances.

Enabling filters would improve efficiency for UberX drivers. UberX drivers can choose the distance of rides that want to accept within a specific city. These drivers can accept ride requests from longer or shorter distances. 

For example, a filter set at 2 miles for drop-offs and pick-ups would prevent ride requests outside of the city. In the Marina District, ride requests set with 2 mile filters would restrict rides coming from Marin County. If driving in Berkeley, filters could restrict ride requests from Moraga, Lafayette and Walnut Creek.  

Would you want to see filters in Uber's app?

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