Thursday, July 24, 2014

Gas is your best friend

Ridesharing drivers who can't afford gas will struggle to make money. It is imperative to maintain at least a half tank of gas at the beginning of every shift, or time you choose to drive (SideCar and UberX). Gas is best your friend.

Respect your gas. Don't drive in areas where pickup times require longer travel. Staying in dense cities will increase the frequency of ride requests. Many drivers who perform ridesharing services depend on gas to keep driving during peak times. Waiting to get paid 10 days after giving rides on Monday, or 8-9 days after transporting clients on Tuesday and Wednesday may use up valuable gas.

Ridesharing drivers are unable to maximize their earning potential. This is where taxis have an upper hand over ridesharing drivers. They receive daily tips and cash fares that keep them on the road.

Ridesharing drivers are at a disadvantage to make money. If drivers could receive a draw against their next direct deposit, then they can get on the road more frequently to complete trips. Gas is the most important resource beyond maintenance expenses.

Find a strategy to get gas. If you can do this, you will make reliable income. If not, you will struggle to make money.

Happy Ridesharing!