Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Don't follow Taxis: Avoid running red lights

In San Francisco, taxi drivers run red lights. It is common to watch three taxis powering through red lights to make their next fare. Ridesharing drivers should never follow what taxis do on the roads.

Taxi drivers are over aggressive. They show their disgust in ridesharing drivers. However, ridesharing drivers are more professional and respectful of their surroundings. For the most part, ridesharing drivers rarely get caught up in taxi games. Their driving privileges depend on performing at an optimum level. 

Despite clients rushing drivers to reach their destinations in the quickest possible time, running red lights is not worth the risk. Clients/passengers/riders will request drivers to run red lights. They want their drivers to be aggressive; like they're on a mission to win a race. 

However, ridesharing is not a Nascar race we may see on the Sear's Point at the Sonoma Raceway. Ridesharing services transport clients/passengers/riders to their destination safely. Clients may not worry about safety because don't expect the worst case scenario. Nevertheless, bad things can happen in the city.

Getting a ticket for running red light is least of a ridesharing driver's concerns. It is running red lights that produce major accidents. If pedestrians are walking across the cross-walk, a driver running a red light can severely injure and/or likely kill pedestrians.

One driver shared that a car ran a red light down near the Financial District and almost took out several pedestrians. They ran this red light long after it turned red. The scene of this driver infraction was taken out of scene in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift where the Sean character drifted around a busy intersection in Tokyo.

We're not in the movies. Ridesharing is serious busy in San Francisco. Ridesharing drivers can give the taxi industry any fuel to fight ride app services. All it takes is one red light to change the dynamics of ridesharing services in America. 

Drive and ride safely. Do the right thing to make the roads pleasant place. Remember to never run red lights, even at the request of clients. Take the low rating to protect lives.