Monday, July 28, 2014

Classic Lyft Video: April Fool's Joke of a fake 1-star Driver

This Lyft video shows a 1-star driver at work on April Fool's Day. The real truth at Lyft is that their drivers receive 1-star ratings for talking to their passengers. Lyft passengers fired out 1-star ratings for being drunk and clueless. Lyft passengers give 1-star ratings for a ride costing $2 more than last time ($8 to $10 - pathetic Dutch girl!). This Lyft video must be staged because San Francisco passengers are less forgiving than this bunch. 

San Francisco Lyft riders don't tolerate any mistakes. SF Lyft passengers have been known to yell at their drivers, even cursing them out over minor issues. Unfortunately, Lyft allows poor passengers to remain on their platform to keep their ridesharing business thriving. We've heard of 4.5 passengers who are still active on the rideshare platform. These passengers are actually cool riders. There are quite a few 5 star Lyft passengers who are horrible people; they make ridesharing an absolute nightmare. 

These Lyft passengers seem forgiving to allow this fake 1-star Lyft driver to keep driving. If a ridesharing driver acted like this on any ridesharing platform, they would receive massive complaints. Even though this is an April Fool's Joke, many riders are way too serious to forgive this joke. 

UberX passengers and Sidecar riders have requested their drivers to stop the trip. They asked to leave these vehicles because their drivers made traffic mistakes. It is impossible for all ridesharing drivers to be perfect. We hear of taxi drivers being rude to passengers. Maybe taxi drivers have a right to be rude. This is the same reason that police officers refuse to be nice. It is not easy working with the public, especially those who can change your future outlook. 

At Lyft, passengers use the star rating system to their advantage. If there was a way that drivers could pinpoint the passengers who left them 1-star ratings, they could also submit a low score. Don't allow 5 star Lyft passengers to intimidate you as a driver. Fire out that 1-star to passengers who make you wait for 30 minutes, yell at you, are rude, tell you to run red lights or hurry up, and all the other unfortunate things these passengers do at Lyft. 

Watch this video and enjoy it. It appears as another marketing gimmick (Conan video) to convey that Lyft is fun and exciting. If you want to drive for Lyft, go ahead and have fun. 

There are cool passengers who are awesome on the Lyft platform. It really depends on the time of day and the type of passenger you drive. Happy Lyfting!