Friday, July 25, 2014

Back-to-Back Rides with SideCar

SideCar introduced a new driver feature where passengers may request rides while active trips are in session. Pre-set trip filters keep drivers within their pick-up and drop-off mileage expectations. Back-to-back rides won't match drivers with riders outside of pre-set filters.

The moment a SideCar driver closes out a ride, this request shows up right way. Needless to say, there won't be any time to rate previous passengers. Back-to-back rides keep drivers in motion to maximize rides and earnings.

Why this back-to-back feature? SideCar believes back-to-back rides will reduce any downtime between ride requests. Typically, ridesharing drives drop a rider off and leave to find another.

Back-to-back rides enable drivers to keep riders in their vehicles. As a result of this, drivers can deliver more frequent rides to increase their earning potential. It is possible to give 5 rides per hour, if these back-to-back rides are a few miles for each trip.

Become a SideCar driver to give back-to-back rides today!

Sign up to become SideCar driver - input code qjbxk to qualify for $100 bonus after 10 rides.