Monday, July 28, 2014

Anti-ride app users enjoy making pointless facts

How many negative comments have you read on websites about ride apps? There are too many negative and pointless articles to count. These people sought after discouraging ride app services such as Lyft and Uber. For the most part, the taxi industry, as a whole, dislike ride sharing companies.

What boils our blood are that anti-ride app users try their best to harm these ride companies. They make these app companies appear as thieves for giving rides to people choosing to use this specific service. No ridesharing services are approved to pick-up random people off the streets.

In Napa, people ask UberX drivers if they are taxis. These drivers tell these riders they are an app-based service. When these riders request the driver to cancel and take them, the driver informs them this can't be done and that they must request a ride via the Uber ride app.

There are riders in San Francisco who don't know who Uber is. It may appear every resident of SF can answer this question of what are ride apps and how to use them. What is surprising is that many riders haven't used these services and require teaching to understand them.

The people who do the negative talking are probably hired hands to spread negative light over these ride app companies. Their essential goal is to ruin these ride app companies, eventually pushing this innovation outside of the transportation industry. It doesn't work that way; the can of worms have already been opened and people enjoy the luxury of requesting a ride and knowing a driver will come for them.

How many taxis have stood up passengers in distant neighborhoods? Ask any real rider what they dislike about taxis? They will tell you the truth of their negative experiences. This poor service has gone on too long to just ignore these constant complaints. Drivers must be accountable for their actions. If drivers provide bad service, they must be held accountable and be penalized for this.

The monopoly is no more. Riders have alternatives; they can select the service that best accommodates their budget. Fortunately, taxis can continue to thrive in a transportation market that now offers multiple offerings. There is enough demand to go around San Francisco all day long. People need rides. Stop complaining and whining about ride app services and provide better customer service to treat riders with the respect they deserve.

Read the comments on this Yellow Cab blog to see what we're talking about. These commenters are complaining about cancellations, but have no idea that ridesharing drivers may drive 25 miles out and this rider will be a no-show. It it fair not to charge a cancellation fee when this driver exhausted 2-3 gallons of gas for a rider to not cancel ahead of time, make up claims they canceled earlier, and/or to just ignore the driver altogether? This cancellation problem doesn't happen too often in San Francisco. It is a chronic issue in smaller cities where ride requests arrives from further out. It is a hit or miss.

Check out the comments on this taxi website here.