Friday, July 25, 2014

A Pathetic Lyft driver refuses to be rejected from a previous female passenger

Lyft drivers are known to hook up with their passengers. In this case, this Lyft passenger kept getting harassed by this driver long after the ride ended. Persistence is good, but this loser didn't stop when it was obvious this woman had no interest in him.

Does Lyft actually hire pathetic drivers like this, and then deactivate good drivers who do the right thing? This Lyft driver has no game whatsoever. He doesn't know how to talk to women at all. The moment he gets rejected, he puts the blame on this female rider.

How about hiring a dating consultant to learn how to treat women? You won't get anywhere with these poor communication skills. No woman will accept this loser.

This is one driver who deserved a "1" star and an immediate deactivation. Lyft's Performance Review Team must have their heads in the gutter to allow this stalker to bother their passenger.

Reading these text messages made us cringe for this innocent woman who had to deal with this lame punk. What can we expect? This is Lyft for you.

Read the text messages here