Thursday, June 05, 2014

"Your Friend with a Car" - Passenger idea of a fist bump is a fist punch to a Lyft driver's nose covered a story about a Lyft driver who got his nose broken after politely requesting a pasenger to stop smoking inside his car. Passengers should know better to not smoke while riding in a car. If anything, they should ask the driver if it is alright to smoke in the car. At this time, the driver can make a quick decision to accept or reject this request. In Seattle, a passenger didn't take this rejection too lightly and decided that a Lyft driver needed a punch to the nose.

As a former Lyft driver, I always knew that Lyft passengers were low-class people. The moment a Lyft rider entered your vehicle, you would automatically feel pressure to perform or risk getting a low rating. We all know that ratings have a huge impact on the fate of ridesharing because Lyft will deactivate any driver who falls below their minimum rating threshold.

During December of 2013, the minimum rating allowed was 4.80. This means a hundredth of a point dip to 4.79 would get a Lyft driver immediately deactivated without no questions asked. However, this will happen once a Lyft driver has already received two community review flags and then dropped to 4.79 or below. Maybe these scoring standards have changed since December.

There is no loyalty driving for this ridesharing company. Lyft creates these uncomfortable situations where riders assume an entitlement role. This Seattle incident shows that Lyft has a long way to go before people respect their service from both a driver and passenger standpoint. Would you expect a house guest to punch you in your own home? This Lyft passenger made a poor decision to assault his driver, which doesn't surprise me at all. When driving for Lyft, I was threatened a few times.

This Lyft driver didn't deserve to get punched. He did nothing wrong asking the passenger to stop smoking inside his car. You can expect Lyft passengers to disrespect their drivers. Unlike Uber passengers, Lyft passengers are disrespectful and don't appreciate their rides. Who treats people this way, especially when riding inside a personal vehicle?

The type of Lyft passengers I usually picked up were drunk, arrogant, rowdy, loud, foul mouth (yelling obscenities to female guests dining outside), confused, over-the-top, and always in a hurry. Lyft is a joke for just deactivating this violent passenger. They should forward the rider's information to the authorities. This rider should be charged a $250 clean-up fee to compensate the driver for the mess he caused his nose. I'm sure blood splattered inside his car. The driver must enjoy Lyft a lot to make a joke about this broken nose incident on a private Lyft driver lounge featured on Facebook.

It is easy for this passenger to create another account using a family member's phone and another credit card under a nickname. They can open another Facebook account, as well. How is blocking this passenger from opening a future account possible? Lyft receives a 1 star for their poor response to this violent event.

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Ridesharing tips: Watch out who you pick up. Be alert of your surroundings. Use good judgement driving in high-risk areas.

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