Monday, June 16, 2014

Working outside of a city translates into longer pickup times

Do you drive outside of busier cities? Enjoy driving in smaller, less busy areas? If you answered yes, you are probably exhausting your fuel. Most ride requests that occur outside of larger cities require longer driving. Therefore, working outside a larger city means longer pickup times.

In large cities, riders are positioned within a few minutes and even a few seconds of the driver. Rides occur so fast that a request arrives the moment a driver ends a current trip. There is no downtime in busy cities, especially during the busiest times on weekend nights.

Ridesharing drivers venturing outside of large cities find that ride requests can be as long as 15-20 miles away. What if this rider only needs to travel 1.5 miles? The driver assumes a risk of losing fuel accepting rides further away and in quiet cities.

Unless this rider needs to travel a long distance, the pickup time is risky and pricier. A driver may travel 15 miles to drive this rider 1 mile. However, most riders who wait a longer time will probably travel longer distances. Otherwise, a rider can walk a mile in 12-15 minutes.

Working outside a larger city will require double to triple the miles. In San Francisco, a driver can make money giving 14 rides equalling 80 miles. If this driver worked outside of SF, the same 14 rides may require 200+ miles of driving.

Pickup times in small cities will increase. The average 2-5 minutes in SF may increase to 15-25 minutes in smaller cities. Less drivers in slow areas increase demand for rides.

Ridesharing drivers wanting to avoid tacking on miles should stay within the city of San Francisco. Driving in Napa, Walnut Creek, and the East Bay may increase pickup times and exhaust fuel.

Happy ridesharing!