Thursday, June 19, 2014

With Chile's World Cup Win Against Previous Champ Spain, it made me remember a past Lyft ride

Puro Chile...
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Chile shutout the previous World Cup champions - Spain. This major Chile win made me think about a memorable Lyft ride I gave back in October/November 2013 to three passengers I picked up on 3rd Street, within the Mission Bay district in San Francisco, California. The front rider shared that he worked at Google. A mysterious couple sitting in the back seat would turn out to be connected to an influential figure in Chile.

The front rider told me to drive to Union Square. We had a talk about a travel website I developed, The male passenger riding in the back seat mentioned that he liked my domain and asked whether any buyer made a offer on it. 

Once we reached Union Square, the nice couple in the back seat thanked me for the ride and said this was a great transit experience. The front rider told the couple that it was nice to meet them. The couple walked out toward Union Square Park. 

The front rider shared a secret with me about the two riders. He told me to not tell anyone the identity of the male passenger. I agreed to keep this passenger's identity a secret. I learned that I was driving the President of Chile's (former President of Chile Sebastian Pinera) young son, who has been staying out in San Francisco with his wife to chase his tech dream. 

The front rider mentioned that he was impressed that this father didn't help the son financially and respected the son for making his startup company happen without any family backing. Nevertheless, the President's son planned to raise seed funding by himself and adopted a humble demeanor.  Despite having a highly successful father, the youngest son believed he could achieve greatness on his own. 

The young man that I lyfted in San Francisco was Cristobal Pinera, the President of Chile's youngest son and an entrepreneur who developed a social networking website with his friends (read interview here). His female companion on that night was Sofia Marin, his beautiful wife who is an intelligent young woman educated as a lawyer.

I was fortunate to have met this young, amazing couple while driving for Lyft!