Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What a Lyft driver manager said after a deactivation and a possible reconsideration

After a Lyft deactivation occurred from reaching a 4.79 rating on their ridesharing platform, the following text message arrived when asked about what happened to this ridesharing account:

Alex: I'm really sorry for your frustration. My hands are totally tied here and there's not much else I can do. I tried to relay your case to performance. Did you receive anything from their end? 

Former Lyft driver: They sent me an email and said I won't be a driver. Refused to activate me. I'm contacting a major Lyft investor I know about this case. 

Alex: If anything does change I'd say you might want to try not driving so late to avoid repeating such situations, sorry again and best of luck. 

End of conversation. 

Lyft takes pride trying populating the streets with Lyft drivers who are safe, courteous, know the city and have clean vehicles. Based on this response, Lyft is indicating that to prevent lower ratings a driver must avoid working the late hours. If a Lyft driver wants to remain a part of the driving community, they must choose their shifts wisely. This basically means that drivers must choose the right shifts to protect their rating or risk deactivation.  

Lyft treats their drivers like expendable auto parts. This response is proof that Lyft has no loyalty. If a driver is hit with two Community Review Flags, then there third flag is an automatic deactivation. A filter automatically detects a lower rating rather than using an actual employee to review the reason behind a 4.79 score. A Community Review flag arrives after the first 25 rides (rating below 4.80), 100 rides (rating below 4.80) and anytime after a rating drops below 4.80. 

It is possible Lyft has changed their driving community standards; however, this ridesharing company hides the fact that they treat their lower rated drivers poorly. They make ridesharing appear as fun and games. Their lack of insight hurts the drivers who care most about their ridesharing platform. Lyft places too much emphasis on ratings and don't take into account their problematic rider pools. 

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