Wednesday, June 04, 2014

What hours are guaranteed $45 an hour for new UberX drivers from Lyft? - revised hourly earnings

Once activated on the UberX platform, new drivers coming from Lyft can earn a guaranteed $45 (changed to $30) an hour driving a minimum of 15 hours and up to 75 hours per week. The following hours are approved for the UberX hourly rate, where if a driver makes less than $45 (changed to $30) an hour Uber will make up the difference. This guarantee hourly earnings only applies to Lyft drivers making the transition to UberX.

Established UberX drivers receive e-mails and/or a text message to qualify them for $45 an hour and/or $10 bonus extra per completed trip. Both incentives are great because approved times are usually extremely busy. Watch for these special promotions to maximize your earnings.

Promotion ends June 20, 2014


5pm-3am (Saturday)

11am-3am (Sunday)

11am-10 pm

Lyft and ridesharing drivers can sign up to become an UberX driver below and make $500 plus earn the guaranteed hourly rate above:

***Update: hourly promotion has been reduced to $30 an hour. $500 is still available for new UberX drivers who have given at least 5 rides with Lyft during 3/1-5/31. 

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