Saturday, June 28, 2014

USA Today: Interesting assessment

Ridesharing is sweeping the nation. Innovation is competing against tradition. Uber app's ridesharing division in UberX and Lyft are leading this ride movement. Taxis continue to voice their disgust in ridesharing. An interesting quote about taxis that contradicts what taxi drivers say about losing money.

USA TODAY: According to Barrett Newkirk's (The Desert Sun) article featured in USA Today Money section, "Even with more rideshares drivers on the streets, area cabs gave more than 85,000 rides in April, the most of any month in the past 10 years" (14 June 2014). Coachella taxi cabs gave these many rides while also complaining of ridesharing services.

Do you believe taxi drivers are losing money to ridesharing drivers? Or is this an argument about relaxed standards?

Read the article below: