Sunday, June 08, 2014

UberX passenger vomits all over a BMW

The pitfalls of ridesharing are the passengers who lack respect for their driver's vehicles. A driver drove through two cities to retrieve two passengers near a quiet downtown East Bay area. Apparently, these two passengers just left their childhood friend's wedding. The driver thought nothing about this ride becoming a problem. This UberX passenger, the first in 600 trips, vomited all over the interior and exterior door.

Ridesharing last night was an utter disaster. As this driver shared about Napa a few weeks back (poor raters), this night was nowhere near as worse as last night (poor use of request address). People were not located at the right pickup locations. No riders out of 9 trips gave them a rating, therefore, they didn't have any way to improve their weekly rating. Worst of all, an UberX passenger's friend decided that vomiting outside of a vehicle moving 65 MPH would be suffice.

How in the world does a person think that vomiting outside a window will not make a major mess? Any normal person knows that dispelling any liquids outside of a moving car will travel at the same speed. As a result of this, a person vomiting outside of a moving car will smother the exterior and the interior with their acidic stomach contents. Smelling this vomit is a punishment, considering that driver are always providing quality ridesharing service.

It took the driver a few hours to clean up the vomit from the exterior and interior of this BMW. It really frustrates the driver because the incident reminds them of another vomiting incident on the Lyft platform. To make this event way worse, this driver kept hearing a Bloomberg report at this Chevron, replaying an audio clip of how Uber has increased their valuation from $1.8 billion to $18.3 billion through recent funding led by Fidelity Investments.

Here this driver is cleaning vomit and sanitizing their luxury car because some UberX passenger has low alcohol tolerance, refused to listen to this driver suggesting for them to use a vomit bag on the side panel. The UberX account user kept telling the driver to not worry because he would give them a 5 star for this ride (he didn't even rate the driver). You could imagine how this driver felt at this moment. At 2am in the morning, the driver missed out on making $45 an hour, having to smell this vomit, and gloved-up to remove these chunks and acid liquid from the crevices of their luxury car. While Uber is increasing their valuation, the driver is dealing with the same disrespectful riders each time they go online to give rides.

When Uber takes their 20% commission and the driver must cover gas and tolls, they barely make any money. The driver invests hundreds of hours giving rides to users who rush them. These riders should know better to request a ride ahead of time instead of 12 minutes before an appointment. How can a rider expect a driver to reach a location that takes 20 minutes in 12 minutes? San Francisco riders will request drivers to speed and even run red lights. This driver refuses to break any traffic laws because this endangers everyone on the road.

None of these situations bother them as much than disrespectful passengers who believe that vomiting out the window on the freeway will solve this problem. All the passenger's vomit smothered the exterior paint, window seals, interior door, tires, rims, door handle, and etc. It took the driver some extensive work just to prevent this vomit from seeping into the seats.

Ridesharing is not worth driving a personal vehicle. If a driver can lease a car, then definitely consider this to preserve a personal vehicle. We're not 100 percent sure whether Uber is allowing their UberX partners to use cars not owned by them. An important point we want to make is that passengers don't treat driver cars like their own. These passengers leave behind their garbage, they slam doors and on a dozen times they will attempt to vomit inside this ride sharing vehicles.

This driver thought no UberX passenger would vomit during a ride, but the nightmare finally happened last night. They picked the wrong night to get sick. Whenever passengers vomit in a ride, they lose money. It's worse when the driver is stuck cleaning up this mess while missing out on promotional hours guaranteeing a high rate.

If you consider driving for a ridesharing company, make sure you keep cleaning supplies on alert for any unfortunate mishaps. You never know when the next disrespectful passengers will make a mess. This driver almost had one female passenger urinate in their backseat. Her friend refused to have this driver stop at a gas station or at a shopping center. The driver also motivated her friend to hold the best she could. This vomit event on Saturday night ruined their week.

Ridesharing drivers must assume counseling, cleaning, social and driving roles to serve passengers. It's unfortunate passengers overlook this devotion, instead they try to find ways to hurt their drivers by leaving low ratings and unfair comments.

Good luck ridesharing!