Monday, June 16, 2014

UberX in-app navigation is a success!

As you may have heard, Uber relaunched their app to feature an in-app navigation feature. Once a ride request is accepted, a navigation button is shown on the top left side of the screen. Press on this button to receive real-time directions to the rider's location. UberX in-app navigation is awesome!

I tested this new feature on Friday night and found that accepting rides and navigating to riders in motion improved functionality of the Uber app. Even though the previous outdated app lacked this navigation feature that Lyft and SideCar adopted early on, my previous ridesharing driving experience helped me to manage this navigation restriction. Back then, I viewed the Uber phone as only a far calculator rather than a multi-tasked device. 

This recent relaunch of in-app navigation enables me to save a few seconds of time, as well as to improve safety standards while ridesharing through busy cities. For the most part, a split-second can make a huge difference on a busy street. Drivers accepted rides, and then determined whether to pull over on the side of the road, wait at a red light and/or stop light, or navigate to the rider icon. 

The in-app navigation feature speeds up the pickup process and can help the driver to accept more rides. Most importantly, this app improves safety standards by increasing the driver's focus on the road. 

It only took a few rides to get used to this major Uber app update. If you are a current UberX driver, share your opinion of this in-app navigation feature in the comment section below.

***I gave 26 rides working Friday and Saturday night with the new in-app update. If I worked 10-12 per hours Friday/Saturday, I could easily triple the amount of rides given in these two days.