Sunday, June 22, 2014

UberX driver gives a 1 star rating to end the night

1 Star Rating

Transporting a ridesharing driver is usually a good experience. Most of the time ridesharing drivers enjoy driving their passengers to any destination they request. A ridesharing driver planned to leave San Francisco after giving their 9th passenger a ride home from Japan Town to the beginning of the Broadway Tunnel.

When it comes to ridesharing, this driver considers their knowledge of the ridesharing app platform extremely advanced. This driver is confident on how the entire process works. The last rider of night decided to fire out a "1" star rating to make the driver's overall score drop a full hundredth of a point.

This driver waited outside of this rider's requested address for a few minutes. The client apologized for making his driver wait. The driver said no worries. This client said the driver wouldn't like the fact that he needs to be dropped off in Oakland. It was early in the morning and this driver wanted to go home. This driver usually leaves the city through the Golden Gate Bridge, instead they would need to exit from the Bay Bridge and another bridge near Vallejo.

This driver agreed on driving this rider to Oakland. It was a good fare to end the night, although the driver was already tired and wanted to finish up driving prior to this trip. The driver inputted the conflicting address into Google Maps, and this somehow generated a San Francisco address.

The driver had a decent conversation with this client. He mentioned the luxury was an awesome ride, considering this to be a dream car. The rider shared that he drove for both Lyft and UberX. As a ridesharing driver, this driver assumed driving another fellow driver would be easy. This is one of those trips the driver would rather forget.

I drove along 9th Street near Harrison Street. I knew to take South Van Ness to enter 80 East. Ultimately, I made a slight mistake to enter 101 South. This delayed the Oakland trip because I had to exit Cesar Chavez and drive down Harrison Street to enter 80 East through Bryant Street.

The driver never had a ride like this once in over a thousand trips. This rider didn't take this minor mistake too well. Even though this rider had drinks earlier, this worsened the trip. The driver just knew then, that this rider would rate them less. He would probably give me the worst rating and this would severely drop their overall score.

If you ever worked as a server and waited on another restaurant server, you know that making one mistake will cost you a tip. In the ridesharing industry, ridesharing drivers know that giving a "1" star rating could cost another driver to get deactivated. It is something that a ridesharing driver should understand not to do.

During this trip after this 101 South detour, the driver felt like a ridesharing rookie. They felt better on their first night driving for Lyft than on this UberX trip. As an advanced driver, this wrong turn on the wrong freeway doomed the driver. You'd think this ridesharing driver would be flexible. The driver apologized that this trip took longer and offered to end the ride and still take this rider home. However, the client told them that Uber would know by the time of the trip and could revise the cost.

Whenever there is a trip issue, a ridesharing driver can submit a fare review. This driver reassured the rider they would send a request to change this trip and decrease the overall price. This driver started to think about how accepting this last ride could put them in a bad predicament. It ruined this Saturday night, week and their overall score since January.

This driver went from an advanced driver who knows how to operate anywhere in the Bay Area to a passive driver that actually worried about how to end this trip. This ridesharing driver knew he was in a superior position that could affect this driver. He made sure to decimate their rating.

Once the driver reached this client's home address, they mentioned they would end the trip and submit a fare review. The client thanked me, and shook their hand like they were good friends. The driver apologized once again, and then told this client to get some rest. Moments later, this UberX driver went into his home and rated the driver a 1 star. His decision to rate this driver extremely low dropped their night rating to a 3, overall week to a 4.16 and overall score to 4.83. Their overall score dropped an entire hundredth, a lot for a driver who has given 600+ rides at this time.

Three weeks ago, driving in Napa with Uber's GPS issues occurring on the Uber app reduced their score from 4.90 to 4.85. Needless to say, several clients were miles away from their requested location, but they took this out on the driver. This driver followed the proper steps expected of them. They sent a friendly text reminder that they had arrived at the requested address and that if they're not at this location and at another, to please let them know. If the client didn't answer the text message, they would call them. Many riders don't like when drivers call them. They will complain to Uber about drivers calling them. Maybe this complaint has to do with having too much pride or rushing them to get ready.

The Oakland trip sabotaged the driver's night. This is one of those situations where the rider, who is also a ridesharing driver, could have just gave their driver a 3 or a 4 star rating. If they were getting a ride from this driver, they would give a 5 star and move on. Many drivers are not in the business of ruining another driver's privileges, especially influence them to deactivate them from a ride platform.

This driver would gladly return this $30-$40 fare and have this rating removed from their account. There is no way this driver can absorb any "1" star rating again. It will take (30) 5 star ratings to return their score back to its pre-rating prior to this Oakland trip.

Think twice before you give a 1 star rating, either as a driver or as a passenger. Whoever receives a 1 star may not recover from this severely low rating. It is the worst score ever given. This ridesharing driver and rider probably knew that giving me a 1 star rating would adversely impact his driver.

This driver never wants to experience another ridesharing encounter like this again. It is one of those 1 in 1500 trips episodes. Any new ridesharing drivers must be forewarned that navigation issues could jeopardize a trip and potentially send a star rating spiraling downward.

This rider made this early Sunday morning trip the worst ridesharing experience. No ridesharing driver should ever have to go through this situation. It is unsettling to know any minor mistakes wouldn't be forgiven, even by a ridesharing driver who realized the impact of a poor rating. It is the ultimate betrayal to submit a "1" star to a driver who could have declined this ride.

Any ridesharing driver, restaurant server, sales person and other members are better off forgiving a minor mistake instead of riding the back of an individual who admits to a minor error. Google Maps failed this driver based on mixing up two similar streets which are both present in Oakland and San Francisco, and this put the driver in a position to climb the highest mountains during this entire trip. No matter what the driver said, there was nothing that could be done to save this trip. They felt like a veteran MLB pitcher that kept giving up runs, where the flood gates opened and the team couldn't salvage this game.

Luckily, this driver earned many high star ratings to salvage their overall rating. If this trip occurred at Lyft, they would get deactivated the same morning. Based on the previous 100 trip scale at Lyft, a "1" star rating would doom a driver and get them flagged. If you haven't gotten flagged by this time, you could expect a Community Review flag that same morning. However, drivers on the UberX platform have greater flexibility because their last 500 rides are rated instead of the previous 100 trips. On UberX, there is room for error, but at Lyft a driver will fail miserably.

An UberX driver gave his driver a 1 star rating. The cause of this rating resulted in the driver accidentally taking 101 South and this delayed the trip another 10 minutes. This driver shared that they would submit a fare review to revise the trip cost. This client took the minor mistake seriously, and gave his driver a 1 star rating. It dropped their Saturday night rating, weekly rating and overall rating. This Oakland trip is the worst ridesharing experience in thousands of rides given to many diverse passengers.

Beware UberX drivers to make sure you never make any mistakes driving another fellow driver. Anything less than perfect is unacceptable to them. You may put yourself in a seriously bad situation, possibly speeding up the deactivation process. It will take a driver (30) 5 star rating to wash out the 1 star. Since many riders don't rate their drivers, this can take a month to receive 30+ ratings to rebound after a "1" star rating.

If it is late night and you know your driver has been actively working in the city and may want to go home, give them some flexibility. If this driver fixes an issue and apologizes for a minor mistake, don't hurt their score. Forgive any honest mistake and move on. Karma-wise, you may find yourself in the same situation the next time and this person can affect you, too.

Be fair and respectful. Driving people around is not an easy process. Though rare, some drivers may make a wrong turn or find fault with a GPS app. They may talk too much or not enough. GPS maps may create navigation issues. Don't beat your drivers up. Just understand that their best interest is to get you home safely.

Happy Ridesharing!