Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thank you, Thank you very much Uber!

Uber has finally addressed their driver's concerns through introducing a new app update. In this update, ride requests will follow with an in-app navigation to guide drivers to the pin drop. No more pulling over on the side of the road or inputting directions while driving on the freeway and/or at a traffic light.

The new app update is set to launch later next week. Drivers are definitely excited that Uber listened to their driving needs because inputting a pickup address in a secondary phone delayed the process. Passengers would question their drivers for stopping a few seconds on the side of the road.

Drivers have expressed concerns that there were far too many pin drop issues where passengers would be a few miles away from a requested address. For example, a rider would drop the pin further away and expect drivers to find them. This driver waited on 5th and Market to pick up a female passenger, but these riders were waiting at Hyde and Jones. This GPS issue has resulted in poor ratings because passengers assume their driver is experiencing navigation issues. UberX drivers realize the GPS app problems impacted their overall ratings, easily decreasing this score from 4.9 to 4.8.

This in-app navigation option on UberX is a step above Lyft and SideCar. Before this new update, ridesharing drivers preferred SideCar's ridesharing app for its ease of use with accepting rides, avoiding delayed ride issues (forgetting to start rides), and making phone calls to riders. SideCar integrates all app functionality into one interface, rather than use two phones to coordinate trips. The main drawback in SideCar's ridesharing platform is that most rides are cheap and short. It's rare to get an airport ride, or even to leave SF.  SideCar riders can drive anywhere within A and B and this won't change the fare price.

Lyft's app includes a navigation arrow to activate GPS. Their ridesharing app allows the driver to press on a navigation arrow moments after accepting a ride request. This made accepting and navigating toward riders much easier. A driver can accept rides in motion and quickly press on this arrow to launch a GPS app such as Google Maps, Apple Maps or Waze.

UberX now has an in-app navigation function that vastly improves their ride app. Drivers already enjoyed changing locations to work anywhere in the Bay Area, where many rides can earn drivers good money. Unlike SideCar, there is no quote to make a rider think about the cost of their trip.

Prior to this Uber app update, drivers managed to operate efficiently because they knew that inputting addresses in personal phone didn't require much effort. They pulled over many times to ensure safety. These drivers know for a fact that this in-app navigation will make accepting rides and navigating to the riders a better process.

Drivers are saying Thank you Uber for finally improving this navigation functionality, It now makes accepting rides and navigating to passengers a breeze. A few drivers mentioned asking a few Uber engineers about this feature; they told them it would be coming in the near future. They felt this app was outdated and required a major update to improve GPS and speed up pickup times. If drivers are in motion, the driver must wait to input the address in a secondary phone. Most drivers don't like using Apple Maps on the Uber phone.

Many Lyft drivers have complained about Apple Maps and its issues with pinpointing the right routes. This GPS app has been known to guide drivers to alleyways and wrong entrances. Google Maps and by far the most efficient navigation app in the market. However, drivers must update this app often to ensure accuracy. If a arrow doesn't display a solid bold line, it require updating. Go to App and see if Google Maps is recommended for upgrading.

Great work Uber! New ridesharing drivers will enjoy driving for UberX with this new in-app navigation. If you're a current Lyft and/or ridesharing driver, try driving for UberX to make better money and receive a bonus after 1 trip. Must have been driving on another ride platform prior to January 8, 2015. Click on ad below.

Image credit: rights reserved to Uber