Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ridesharing service tips

Drive for UberX, SideCar and/or Lyft? Maybe for all three? Ridesharing services are changing how people travel to work, to bars, to the airport, to appointments, to meetings and to other places. Uber definitely revolutionized transportation via their app launch 4 years ago. Millions upon millions of rides are given per year, and this figures seem rather low compared to the amount of rides in demand. As a ridesharing driver, you must be prepared to clean up after your riders.

Our ridesharing service tips are to stay on top of the action. Keep Clorox anti-bacterial wipes, medical gloves, baking soda, vomit bags, cleaning wipes and other cleaning supplies inside your trunk. Make sure you tell any person who appears drunk beyond coherency that you have vomit bags available in the side door compartments.

The following are good tips from a ridesharing driver: 

Don't allow riders to vomit outside of your car window. This vomit will spread across your vehicle like an infectious virus. Not only does the digested food contents spread, the clear gastric acids can seep into the window compartments. If this happens, you will have an extremely hard time removing the acidic liquid and chunky contents. 

Riders seem clueless about how vomit travels. I've only seen one person actually open the door to vomit in the street. This rider deserves 5 stars for thinking on demand rather than opening a window in a moving vehicle to spew out their alcohol, food and gastric acid. 

The worst offender is a female passenger dressed in a sheep costume who vomited all over the entire backseat and then pushed me when I attempted to help her out of the car. This pathetic Lyft passenger definitely has a lot to offer her future dates.

In any case, be prepared for the worst outcome. Store cleaning supplies in your trunk to respond quickly. Vomit and the gastric acids can stink up your car and ruin your upholstery. Even if the rider vomits outside of a window, the vomit will stink up the exterior and interior car. 

To date, no SideCar passengers have ever vomited in my ride. It appears that if you can input a pickup location and set the drop off destination, you are capable of thinking and avoiding the vomit game.

We hope you never have to deal with a drunken passenger who lacks any respect for your vehicle. Good luck ridesharing!