Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ridesharing driving tip

Ridesharing drivers face receiving bad ratings from misinformed and/or unforgiving riders. It is inevitable that at least one rider will submit a low rating and leave a bad comment. If these drivers give rides often, it's in their best interest to make sure every trip memorable to survive on a ride platform.

The higher drivers are rated, the better shot they have to absorb any bad future ratings. These poor ratings are traditional in a customer service environment. Ridesharing drivers can expect their clients, riders and/or passengers to give poor ratings. They shouldn't let this influence their ridesharing service.

Our ridesharing driving tip is to get really high scores. High and low ratings will eventually balance out. In this sense, ridesharing drivers may survive longer on a rideshare platform. If they experience a rough stretch of poor ratings from their riders, previous high scores can offset these 1-3 star marks.

Try your best to relax and don't let ratings control you. Just know that people are tough to please. Rideshare in peace and have fun exploring new ride experiences.

Happy Ridesharing!