Thursday, June 19, 2014

Riders need to take their mess with them

I can't recount the number of times a rider left behind trash in the backseat. I've found papers, water bottles, Starbucks drinks, and even plastic cups filled with alcohol. I don't know what these riders leave behind until I park on side of the road to clean up their mess.

Ridesharing drivers are requesting rideshare app users who use UberX, Lyft and SideCar to take their trash with them because new riders entering our vehicles will rate us poorly for uncleanliness. It is imperative that drivers inspect their back seats to ensure they're up to standards. 

Lyft flags their drivers for uncleanliness. This is an unsettling category, to say the least. On weekend nights, there are many messy passengers who could care less about the vehicles they ride in. Lyft drivers may discover that riders are dirtying up their vehicles. Future riders will submit a negative comment and a low rating that triggers a uncleanliness flag. 

Why is a cleanliness flag weighed so heavily on an unreviewable star rating and comment system? It is obvious that what passengers say must go. Nevertheless, passengers can rate drivers for having messy cars. This mess may be in result of riders leaving trash on the floor and on the seats. 

Riders should show respect during their rides. Drivers have to work long hours transporting many people around the city and even to distant cities. Keep ridesharing cars clean so drivers can continue to drive you around.