Saturday, June 28, 2014

Rider told driver to be aggressive with a purpose on every trip

An UberX driver transports their passengers safely to destinations. They take the quickest route and follow all traffic laws. Their basic pickup involves greeting their clients and requesting the destination. This driver tells their rider(s) to make themselves comfortable. They can use the cell chargers, open the window and just relax. One passenger running late gave the driver personal directions to his destination. They took off.

Along the way, the driver talked about ridesharing and how the cost of overhead could impact driving. Ridesharing drivers must view the cost to operate their independent contracting business. He told this driver to look at ridesharing as a daily expense to operate. The cost of car payment, registration, insurance and other factors are to be calculated into monthly and daily expenses.

A ridesharing driver would then know how much they are down before driving on a particular day. They operate like taxis. However, taxi drivers have it much better because they have help. They can use a dispatcher to schedule rides. They don't pay 20% of their fares to another party. Taxis can pick up a rider who hails them from any corner. Taxi drivers rent their taxis and don't worry about destroying their personal vehicle. Their only concern is make each fare turn into income.

The rider shared some good information. This driver knew beforehand, how to view ridesharing from a financial perspective and what it would require to keep them operable. Without any gas, ridesharing is impossible. Gas is my most important asset; it allows a driver to stay on the road during the busiest hours.

At the end of the ride, the passenger gave this driver a pointer to drive aggressive, drive with a purpose on every trip. He shared that on every ride, people want to reach their destination as quickly as possible. Point A to Point B in the fastest time.

This rider is suggesting that as drivers you must speed, go ahead of pedestrians, and run all yellow lights and even some red lights to shorten the time of arrival. If drivers run into a rider who disvalues this rush service, then they risk a "1" star rating and a potential deactivation based on unsafeness.

This rider pointed out something interesting. Taxis drive aggressively to take their riders from Point A to Point B. They don't worry too much about customer service. Some taxis are great, some are terrible. Ridesharing services and taxicabs provide the same service using different methods.

Happy ridesharing!