Thursday, June 26, 2014

Recheck address in Navigation devices

On a few occasions while ridesharing, I inputted addresses in San Francisco that were similar to Berkeley and Oakland. Whereas I rarely make navigation mistakes, this past Sunday morning I drove a rider to Oakland and inputted an Oakland address that plotted a San Francisco location down the street from Best Buy. Conflicting addresses between cities can doom a ridesharing driver.

For some reason, I didn't take my usual route to get onto 80 East, instead I accidentally entered the 101 South on-ramp near Potrero, right off 13th Street. As most SF residents know, there is no easy way to backtrack to I-80 East when driving on 101 South. If you make this mistake, you will add an extra 5-6 miles to the trip. I can tell you from experience your rider won't be as forgiving with your rating. 

No matter how many times you apologize to your rider(s), they will still submit the worst rating. I told the rider I would submit a trip review to recalculate their fare. Your San Francisco riders don't care how you fix a problem, they will make sure to rate you low. Never allow a rider to make you feel inferior. Keep your composure and don't allow any mistakes to take you off course. 

Make you to recheck addresses. If two streets are present into several cities, you need to input the address and the city. Your GPS will pick up on a local address rather than plot a location outside of the city. One navigation mistake can cost you an entire hundred of a point in your cumulative score. 

If you have a 4.74 rating, a 1 star rating will reduce your overall rating to 4.73. This can impose a problem on your future on a ridesharing platform since anything below 4.70 can get you terminated. Avoid common pitfalls with driving outside of the city. It is possible you may be tired giving rides throughout the night. Your last ride may create a rare navigation problem you usually never experience. Take your customary route to reach a particular freeway. 

If you drive in SF, the best route to reach 80 East from Bush and Polk is South Van Ness to 80 East underneath 13th Street bridge. If you want to take 101 South, drive down Polk Street and take 101 South right off Potrero. Another way to get onto 280 South is to take 6th Street from downtown. You can also take 4th Street and make a right onto King Street to automatically reach 280 South. 

Ridesharing can become stressful if you drive riders who are out to ruin your rating. Even if riders are drunk, they are watching your every move. If you give them a low rating, they will return the favor. Riders have 24 hours to submit a rating, whereas drivers must score their rider once a trip ends to reach the next ride. Ridesharing drivers can get hit with navigation issues on nights where construction, road closures, and fatigue may cause potential issues. 

When leaving a city, do your best to input both the address and the city to avoid navigation issues. Use Google Maps and disable freeways on trips which driving down city streets will avoid traffic. If follow Apple Maps, you will be advised to get onto the freeway every down you need to reach 4th Street. This represents a major problem during rush hour and Sunday game day, which could in fact trap you in the fast lane and block you out from reaching 4th Street. Imagine missing the last exit to San Francisco and having to reroute through Treasure Island and back down to the city again. Your rider would definitely give you a 1-3 star rating. Know the city and rely on GPS to monitor time, distance and traffic.  

Good luck. 

Happy Ridesharing!