Friday, June 27, 2014

Never ask for 5 stars or awesome rides

Ridesharing drivers may ask how to get the rider to give you 5 stars. Don't do this because riders think you're trying to convince them to give you a top score. Your goal is to give them memorable service.

If you want, you may bring up the rating system as a problem area in ridesharing. Once a discussion sparks on what you like and dislike about this ridesharing gig, mention the rating system as a disadvantage to drivers. Share that drivers have a lot of pressure to get 5 stars or else they can reach a minimum rating threshold that could move them close to deactivation.

 It is the way you present the rating system that puts this in the rider's mind. Don't ask for a 5 star. Show how important this 5 star rating is to you. We already know that not all rider give ratings. If all riders rated ridesharing drivers, the cumulative score would be much lower.

The three major ridesharing divisions in UberX, Lyft and SideCar all score differently. UberX rates a driver on their last 500 rides using a 1-5 star system, although there is a cumulative rating score to keep track of all rated rides. Lyft drivers are rated against their last 100 rides. No matter how great these drivers are on their overall rating, the last 100 rides could be rated low enough to get them deactivated from the driver's app. SideCar drivers are rated on a percentage system where are Awesome Rides, Good Rides, and Bad Rides. There are four categories covering vehicle experience, attitude, driving skills and safety and navigation. SideCar expects their drivers to score 5% and below on bad rides. Average driver rating is 60% and above on awesome rides. Most rides will be rated as nothing specific.

Our advice to boost your ratings are to do any of the following below:

  • Give treats, candy, mints, Starbursts, and etc. 
  • Water or juices
  • Offer phone chargers
  • Dive safely
  • Don't talk too much rider is antisocial
  • Have good conversations and answer any questions riders request on ridesharing
  • Avoid missing important turns that may extend a trip - plan ahead to make that left or right turn
  • Say hi and mention rider's name to verify account. Welcome the rider and share your name. 
  • Don't run yellow lights that are on the brink of turning red
  • Remember the riders name so you can wish their farewell after trip is completed. 
  • Just relax and don't focus on ratings.
Good luck. 

Happy Ridesharing!