Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lyft Bus Driver Jobs ad

Have you seen the new "Bus Driver Jobs" ad from Lyft? Is Lyft now targeting top driving job keywords? Is ridesharing an actual job? Are bus drivers encouraged to work as a Lyft driver?

What else is new? Another Lyft ad is bending the facts to recruit more drivers. Back in November, when asking Lyft to verify a driver as an independent contractor the following e-mail arrived:

Lyft driver: Is there any way you can talk to another party about me being an independent contractor for Lyft. I really need this. THey want to know I make money with Lyft beyond the summary. Thanks. 

Lyft employee: Unfortunately I can't do that as all our Lyft users are of course voluntary and use the platform as a medium to connect passengers and drivers. What is the party that you are having this conversation with? Sorry if anything was confusing on the phone and let me know if there is another way I can help. 

Lyft drivers are not even treated as independent contractors. The best way to get verified for employment is to submit tax forms as proof of independent contractor status.

Lyft employee: For further questions on this I would reach out to support. I don't think anyone will be able to accomodate your request since using our platform is completely voluntary and we have no drivers/passengers that are independent contractors or employees of Lyft if that makes sense. Sorry if I sound like a broken record. You can always email support@lyft.com for more assistance

Lyft recruits their driving pool to provide a service. As a result of this, Lyft can continue to build value into their ridesharing app. New Lyft drivers must know this; they are not Lyft employees and that their independent contractor status won't be verified by Lyft. Nevertheless, Lyft refuses to verify independent contractor status because responding to any job claims may put them in an unfavorable position concerning employment and benefits.

In our opinion, Lyft won't accept any calls or submit any documents to verify you as an independent contractor. They probably fear that you may be viewed as an employee and must provide benefits such as medical insurance, holiday pay, and sick leave. They probably don't want to contribute their share to Social Security. Lyft drivers are not protected under Workmen's Compensation and other programs available to most permanent employees operating in the workforce.

Don't quit your day job to drive for Lyft. A good friend mentioned that another co-worker wanted to leave his government job to continue driving for Lyft. He said this driver earned $1500 per weekend driving for Lyft. We seriously doubt this since the co-worker already works 40 hours a week at his day job and to make $1500 at Lyft for the weekend would require working 50+ hours on the weekend. Lyft capped hours to 10 hours per day and 70 hours per week.

What happens if you get deactivated from Lyft? You will lose everything because you decided to gamble on driving for a living. Don't do it! Stay at your day job. Be smart and use Lyft driving as a secondary job. It is better to choose security at a stable job than to take a huge risk driving for Lyft with a great chance at getting deactivated or being told your independent contractor status is unverifiable.