Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lyft ads claiming that new drivers will make $20 an hour

Lyft ads rotating on websites claim that new drivers can earn $20 an hour driving whenever they want. $20 an hour to rideshare seems rather boring. What happens to their $1000 weekend earnings?

We knew Lyft overstated their previous ads. How in the world can a drive earn $1000 easily on weekends. If you're an experienced ridesharing driver, you know that it would require at least 33 hours of driving on the weekend during the busiest hours to make $1000 driving for Lyft.

At another time, we noticed an $800 weekend ad from Lyft. Again, Lyft claims that new drivers can earn $800 driving on weekends. They make $800 seem easy to make. It is possible to earn $800 driving for Lyft on weekends; however, it won't be easy and this can't be accomplished in a few hours.

The recent $500 Lyft ad is much more realistic and in-align with what new drivers can make on weekends. Deceptive marketing in the $1000 and $800 ads misinformed drivers that they can easily earn $800-$1000 work just on weekends alone. It would take some serious luck to make these amounts with ease. Think about how many fares it would take to add up to $1000.

At Lyft, their power hours between Oct-December 2013 were the best part of driving for them. This would allow drivers to keep all fares made during these power hours. Any hours worked during the commission hours would cost the driver 15%.

Ridesharing drivers won't be enticed with making $20 an hour driving Lyft passengers. In honesty, Lyft passengers are by far the worst. They are rowdy, vulgar, pushy, foul-mouthed, and poor raters. The Lyft comment section allows their riders to tell lies about their ride experience. The Performance Review Department is so clueless that they deactivate good drivers.

The best thing that ever happened in ridesharing was to get deactivated from Lyft with a 4.79 rating. UberX is far superior in the ridesharing game. They are improving their rating standards to take into account drunk riders who are misinformed raters. It's not fair to drive a group claiming to appreciate the ride, and then seeing that their "1 star" rating ruined your score.

Many GPS issues are responsible for these low ratings, because those riders who drop the pin miles away blame the driver for their wait time. Lyft passengers have been known to move around Union Square and complicate the pickup process. After wasting a few hours trying to pick up two passengers, a driver must shut down the Lyft app and leave the busy area. Otherwise, the driver will fall into the request and cancel game over-and-over again.

Lyft believes their $20 an hour earnings are enough to entice drivers. We think not. High gas prices and maintenance cost are not enough to make a measly $20 an hour. After outside cost, commission, and eventual taxes, the $20 an hour none the less becomes $3-4 an hour. Would you drive around obnoxious drunks for $3-4 an hour? Ask yourself this question.

New drivers should rethink this $20 an hour advertisement. Is that Pink mustache on your vehicle worth the harassment from taxi drivers? What about the extra time attaching and removing this over hyped travel attire?

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