Monday, June 23, 2014

Jobs for Retirees

Walmart is a common place for retirees to work. Jobs for retirees function like a social networking platform; retired employees can remain healthy and active while making money and having fun interacting with people. Ridesharing drivers enjoy transporting people daily. Retirees will find social and economic value in ridesharing jobs.

Retirees can make money driving riders to their destinations. Furthermore, retired members can have valuable conversations that may travel beyond ridesharing. If a retiree possesses a skill another rider needs, then there can be a trade-off between the two parties. 

A great job for a retiree is to drive for SideCar. SideCar is a ridesharing company that relies on private party drivers who own their vehicles. This company provides you the flexibility to go online and work whenever you want. 

Take SideCar for a test drive and make a $100 bonus on the 10th ride.

Apply to SideCar

Input code qjbxk to activate $100 bonus after 10th ride.