Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How many times have you given a ride to the same person twice?

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After giving over 1000 rides ridesharing, only twice have rides been given to the same passenger. Unless a passenger requests a driver, chances are that ridesharing is a one-time ride service. For the most part, ridesharing drivers give rides and never see the rider(s) again.

Ridesharing apps are an on-demand ride platform where ride requests are sent out to the closest drivers. If the driver accepts the ride, then they are locked into this request unless the rider and/or the driver decide to cancel.

SideCar features a favorited driver approach where riders can request the drivers if they are online and accepting rides. UberX and Lyft allow passengers to request a driver if they are the closest to them. 

Rides given to duplicate passengers are extremely rare. If you connect with your riders and hit us off well, then you may mutually agree to give future rides 

Have you given rides to the same person twice?