Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hot Spot for Lyft driver near SFO

As a ridesharing driver, airport rides are common when making drop-offs at SFO. However, never once have I've gotten a request to pick up a rider at the airport. It is nearly impossible to get a request at any airport, but one Lyft driver back in October claimed to give a dozen airport rides that earned him $580 in 13 hours. How was this Lyft driver able to earn $45 an hour on a weekend day?

According to this driver, he positioned himself at the In & Out restaurant near SFO. I'm not sure the location of this In & Out and if it's a good hot spot to make airport pickups. This Lyft driver shared that he moves around a lot to prevent mingling with drivers on the app. He indicated that too many drivers are grouped together downtown instead of traveling outside to the Richmond and Sunset districts. Nevertheless, strategy is the key to get higher fares. 

It clearly obvious this Lyft driver drove to make money. He didn't seem to focus on providing an overall ridesharing service in San Francisco. Instead, this Lyft driver positioned himself near the airport to score multiple long rides. For the most part, these rides required the Lyft driver to travel further outside of San Francisco to cities such as Moraga, Walnut Creek, Palo Alto, and in Marin County. 

Is it worth driving 300-400 miles in 13 hours to make over $500+? Would you pick up multiple airport fares and only give these type of rides? Do you believe this Lyft driver actually earned $500+ on a slow weekend day when all Lyft drivers were struggling to find a fare? If I recall, this Sunday was the worst day to drive. I probably scored a few rides on that day, where usually most Sunday day shifts were the best to drive. I enjoyed driving Sunday between 3pm-7pm. It was easy to make $150+. 

I don't believe this Lyft driver was telling the truth, though this driver may have caught onto a great strategy to make money at Lyft. He noted that you need to spend money to make money. I agree with that claim because I'm willing to make 25-30 minute pickups that turn out to be $80 fares. 

Lyft was a good ridesharing gig where earning $200-$315 was plausible during a weekend night shift working around 6-8 hours. I scored three long fares outside of the city in one night - $116, $89, $48. Back in December of last year, 10 rides on a Saturday earned me $315. I only worked 6 hours on that night and spent $70 on gas. In my last two weekend shifts before deactivation I made almost $500.  

The hot spot for Lyft is supposedly the In & Out restaurant near SFO. I'm sure Lyft drivers found this location out. If you have time to experiment, test this place out and report back to us. 

Happy ridesharing!