Monday, June 30, 2014

Hot phones on Hot days

Ridesharing drivers may use one or two phones. During the summer or anytime when it's hot outside, a smartphone can heat up and automatically shutdown. Protect your phone and keep it cool at all times.

A black iPhone hooked up to a car charging cable can get extremely hot. Most cell phones generate excessive heat and may cause an internal mechanism to trigger the temperature warning.

The cause of this heat is likely from the hot sun beating down on the exterior and the charger increasing the internal temperature. Because ridesharing drivers are on the road often, the ride app increases power and begins to overheat. Make sure to close down unused windows to reduce output. 

If your phone overheats, it will shut down to protect the device. Unplug the phone from the charger. In the middle of a ride? Let the phone cool down. You may need to restart the phone again. 

The trip will still remain active, so don't worry if you need to power off the phone. Keep a mental record of the pickup and destination drop off to request any fare adjustments.