Thursday, June 26, 2014

Funny rider comment while driving for Lyft

It was raining on a Friday night during early December 2013. If I could recall this shift, this was the last night it rained before the drought started and until the next rainy day arrived 2-3 months later. The rain was intense on this night. It smothered the city streets and the freeway. On this night, I drove two female Lyft riders down to the Marina Safeway.

While driving on 101 North toward the Golden Gate Bridge exit, one female rider warned me that a huge puddle was in our path. In the nick of time, I barely slowed down before we drove into this puddle and water smothered the window and roof. It was a cool special effect like what we see in the movies.

I mentioned to this rider that it was cool drive into this puddle and see the water splash over us. I meant to tell the two female riders that this rain created large puddles that we couldn't observe until we drove through them. At no point in the trip were we in an unsafe position. However, this was a strange night lyfting around San Francisco.

The rider said, "If we were in an Indiana Jones movie, it would be cool, but we're not".