Monday, June 16, 2014

Follow the ridesharing rules!

Are you a ridesharing driver who currently drives and/or has driven for all three major transportation companies at one point in time? Have you followed the rules to never once allow another individual to drive people or use any vehicle other than what the companies approve while partaking in ridesharing? You must follow all rules to protect your ridesharing account status.

A rule of thumb is to operate under the TNC, company and local laws. If you're told that you are restricted from driving and picking up riders at the airport, follow these rules. It's a losing battle to ignore the ridesharing service laws set in place to protect the public.

Since airport complaints, UberX is one of the recent ridesharing service divisions on Uber's platform to be authorized airport access. There is an additional fee added to the trip that covers the $4 airport toll. Of course, the UberX drivers operate in scope of the law.

As another rider mentioned on Saturday night, one of his drivers ran a stop sign and got pulled over and ticketed for this traffic violation. This driver refused to admit his traffic mistake and continued to deny that he ran a stop sign. The rider requested the driver to stop the ride right there. The driver refused to end the ride and based that he did nothing wrong. Eventually, the rider rated the driver a "1" star and shared the violation with the transportation company. Admit guilt and honor your rider's request.

The main rules to follow in ridesharing are to never allow other drivers to use your vehicle to pick up passengers, never drink any alcohol prior to driving people, adopt zero drug tolerance standards, maintain active driver's license, keep auto insurance current, and follow all safety laws. Keep your riders safe and avoid risking the safety of pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, buses and others.

If you follow the ridesharing rules and conduct yourself in a professional manner, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of ridesharing. Happy ridesharing!