Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Clever Lyft ad - Work from Home

Lyft marketing is making their rounds on bidding for the best job keywords. "Work From Home" is a new keyword string this ridesharing company is now using to entice new drivers to make $20 an hour. Unlike the lowly Performance Review Department at Lyft, the Marketing Department is actually using their brains to find new drivers.

Clever work, Lyft. Your Marketing crew understands how SEO works. Is it wise to use "Work From Home" when drivers are driving on the street? Are you just using "work from home" because this is a high searched job phrase performed in search engines? There are better and more honest ways to utilize SEO than to select keywords that have nothing to do with your ridesharing app.

How is working from home related to ridesharing? It is an independent contractor type of job, but there is no work at home involved. All the work is done on the road picking up obnoxious Lyft riders. Drunk riders are the worst offenders at Lyft. Watch out and be prepared to clean up vomit. Our best advice is to buy those brown paper sacks and place them on the side panels of the passenger and backseats.

Lyft is reaching out to use "Work From Home" as an Ad tagline to locate new drivers. Why not think of what people are searching for, instead of using unrelated keywords to land useless traffic.

Do you want to work for Lyft? As you may have read in a past article, Lyft doesn't consider you an independent contractor, employee or even a driver. Why are they branching out on keywords such as bus driving jobs, work from home and jobs for old people?

I agree with jobs for old people because retired workers can find value in socializing with riders and making money. It is a highly social job that requires constant interaction. I believe drivers are expected to do silly things to stand out.

Lyft's Marketing Team receives 5 stars for at least trying to use the best job keywords. Their next step is to market their ridesharing app to engineers, attorneys, actors, novelists, art graduates, and other people who may be intrigued with their ridesharing service.

Happy Lyfting from home!