Monday, June 23, 2014

Be your own boss until you get terminated

Lyft advertises to prospective drivers that they can become their own boss. Drivers set their own schedule, controlling the time of day and amount of hours they want to work.

What Lyft drivers will soon find out is that you can be your own boss until bad ratings and complaints get you terminated. It is inevitable that drivers at Lyft will transport a few rude passengers. 

Go ahead and be your own boss. Be a friend with a car. Just know deactivation is on the horizon. If Lyft cared about maintaining their driving community, they wouldn't keep advertising on all ad platforms to hire additional drivers. 

Does it makes sense to deactivate good drivers, and then activate inexperienced drivers? Drivers at Lyft are expendable. They are replaceable. The moment a rating is identified as needing improvement, you better watch out and drive carefully. Please your riders and make them happy.  

Two Community Review flags are your warning, and a third flag will get you deactivated. Ride along and be your own boss today. Schedule your shifts. Drive drunk people. Deal with rude juveniles. 

Your time at Lyft is numbered. If you're lucky, you can survive being your own boss. Hopefully, driving for Lyft is fun, relaxing and profitable.