Monday, June 16, 2014

Always have gas: Driver tip

Ridesharing drivers must be prepared before taking part in ridesharing services. Riders may request a ride within a city, but actually need to travel a far longer distance. If drivers are low on gas and lack the finances to purchase fuel, picking up a rider requesting a longer trip can be disastrous.

A good driver tip is to have at least a half tank of gas. This gives a driver 150+ miles of driving on any given shift. As ridesharing drivers know, UberX and SideCar don't schedule drivers to work. Instead of scheduling shifts, the two app companies use bonuses and incentives to increase driver pools.

Drivers venturing out to busy areas would perform efficiently by filling up their gas tank. This enables the driver to save money on fuel since gas prices are much higher in bigger cities and near freeways. If drivers are financially strapped, then a good rule of thumb is to stop driving once the gas gauge drops to 30-40 miles remaining.

Keep a budget and/or a credit card readily available to get gas. Work on busy days rather than invest resources into off-peak hours. It is most effective to give many rides than to anticipate potential rides.

Good luck ridesharing!