Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Terrifying Case: Murder Spree Against Cab Drivers in NYC in 1990

Ridesharing drivers who are reluctant to drive strangers base their fear on potentially transporting dangerous people. I can't name all the crazy riders I once transported while driving for Lyft, but I remember one case where a rider threatened me. I didn't report this Lyft rider since I didn't want a lower rating.

In 1990, a serial killer in NYC who called to schedule taxi cabs during the late night shot these taxi drivers in the back of the head, and then robbed them. According Jeanne King of the Daily News newspaper article Serial Killer Stalks NY Cab Drivers released on April 26, 1990, an unidentified person called for a cab pickup in the middle of the night and murdered these taxi drivers. 

A few of the stalking cases resulting in murder are from the same killer, whereas four other murder cases resemble the exact killings because the mode of these murders follow the exact pattern. 

Could a ridesharing driver experience this same fate? Anything is possible. We live in a scary world. Our ridesharing safety tip is to verify every rider by asking for their name. If you say you're John, this rider may say yeah I'm John.

Be careful on the roads. Watch out fall all people hanging out around your vehicle during every pickup. Never take your eye off your driver seat while helping a passenger load their luggage and/or bags. Don't fear ridesharing. Stay alert. 

Read original newspaper article on taxi driver slayings below:

Source: Daily News