Monday, May 05, 2014

Ridesharing destroys personal vehicles

Ridesharing services represent a trendy way to get around. Passengers are getting a bargain using ridesharing apps to service their transportation needs. However, ridesharing drivers are getting the short end of the stick since their personal vehicles have to endure thousands of miles of hard driving.

If ridesharing drivers are using a luxury vehicle, then stop driving right now. The cost of maintenance and repairs for BMW, Mercedes and other luxury cars are enormous. It is not worth driving these types of cars unless surge pricing, airport trips and long rides are a part of the equation. Cheap $5-7 rides cost more than they are worth. Drivers will find their personal vehicles deteriorating at a rapid rate.

Brakes, tires, oil changes, cooling system, tune-ups, unexpected breakdowns and car maintenance issues are prevalent in ridesharing jobs. The ridesharing companies who provide their platform to use are in fact making a profit, while the drivers assume the majority of the risk.

Taxi drivers may pay high leasing fees to drive taxis; however, they don't have to worry about destroying their personal vehicles. There are no unexpected repair problems that will keep them from driving. Ridesharing drivers must spend their hard earnings on replacing auto parts.

Gas is the number #1 issue that influences ridesharing drivers to reduce their hours on the road. Even so, adding city and freeway miles on personal vehicles will reduce its market value. Ridesharing is no way to make a living. At any time, a ridesharing company such as Lyft will eventually deactivate your driving account without any explanations to back up this unethical action.

Think twice before using your personal vehicle to drive people. In the end, you may regret ruining your car to make a few dollars. You won't make profit driving because car repairs, gas, commission, and taxes will suck you dry. Be smart and get a permanent job that pays your what you are worth.