Friday, May 30, 2014

Napa reduced a driver rating from 4.9 to 4.8

Last Sunday, a driver gave 12 rides working in Napa. This driver was more than happy to drive these passengers to resorts, hotels, wineries, and to their homes. After this driver arrived home, they discovered these 12 rides resulted in their lowest rating night with UberX. This driver got a 3.5 star rating, and this reduced my overall score from 4.9 to a 4.8.

Today was the first day this driver drove with a 4.8 overall rating following the Napa rating disaster. This driver managed to only get 3 rides and got rated twice for a 4.5 score. When this driver reflects on last Sunday, they would gladly give back the $200+ they earned driving in Napa. This driver wants to increase their overall score back up to 4.9 again. 

Riders are quick to cancel drivers under 4.9. This means that passengers may cancel drivers who have 4.8 and lower ratings. This driver took pride in their 4.9 rating because riders wouldn't prejudge them.

A third ride request canceled on this driver in 3 minutes. When this driver accepted this request, they were traveling in the opposite direction and there was heavy traffic due to construction work. This rider sent a text and stated whether this driver was going to pick her up. A few seconds after this driver responded, she canceled the ride. This driver doesn't usually get into these situations because most of their clients wait for them to arrive. 

Can this 4.8 overall rating be bad mojo? Will this driver continue to receive less than spectacular ratings? Are Napa riders tough to please? Maybe Napa passengers assume 3 is a good rating. 

To receive 3.5 stars for 12 rides is a disaster. It will take this drier a month or two to increase their overall rating back up to 4.9. This driver worries about ratings because Lyft deactivated them in December once their ratings for their last 100 trips dropped below to 4.79 (minimum score requirements  at Lyft is 4.80). 

This driver already endured a negative experience as a result of star ratings. Without managing good ratings, ridesharing companies will deactivate drivers. It takes a lot of low scores to reach this point, but having a terrible night in an area where clients lack insight on ratings can doom drivers. 

Beware of Napa. There is an event going on this weekend in Napa Valley. Be careful giving rides to needy passengers. Make sure to do everything possible to please riders or else they will jeopardize your overall rating.