Saturday, May 17, 2014

A ridesharing weekend is over before it started

About 3 weeks ago, the passenger door broken was while ridesharing during a weekend night. No matter how much torque was put on this lock switch, this passenger door refused to open. The ridesharing driver's weekend is officially over before it even started.

After the passenger door lock broke, this driver tried their best to salvage the next few weeks by only working at night. They figured that less riders would want to sit up front and that they could manage these rides without any problems. On a few occurrences, a few passengers agreed to climb up to the front or over the driver side to sit up front.

The ridesharing driver knew this door problem could create conflict. If they delayed repairing this passenger door lock, then they risked potentially getting low ratings. The ridesharing community know that ratings have a huge impact on driving privileges at ridesharing companies, so it's important to keep their scores as high as possible.

The ridesharing driver scheduled to have this door repaired at a shop that quoted them at $285. This shop recommended that this vehicle owner replace the lock actuator on the passenger side. After re-evaluating the lock issue, the shop increased the cost to $364. The car owner received a 2-hour quote to have these repairs performed on the door.

As predicted, this ridesharing driver was in for a disaster. The shop secretary called this driver and shared that the shop owner determined the striker would need cut in order to release the door. If the lock remains in the lock position, there is no way to remove the door panel to make this actuator repair.

The back door was removed. Then, the technician cut the striker to release this door. When this driver visited the shop, the owner walked them to the car. They saw the back door sitting on the ground. The door panel was dissected, with the striker cut into a few pieces. There was damage to the interior door crease, which required some touch-up paint work.

Imagine this driver waking up one morning after ridesharing. They already missed a few shifts because they didn't have enough gas. Now, their passenger door lock somehow got damaged the night before. They thought the cost of this door would run them about $364.

To their amazement, the cost of removing this door, cutting the striker and replacing the actuator now would cost them $889. What makes this situation much worse is that they planned to pick up the car in the afternoon. However, a Concord car place transported the wrong striker parts and now this car won't be ready until the new replacement parts arrive on Monday.

Why is this bad? If the ridesharing driver retrieved their car from the shop earlier today, they could have worked Friday night, all day Saturday and Bay to Breakers Sunday. UberX is paying a guaranteed $60 per hour between 7am and 7pm on Sunday in San Francisco. This ridesharing driver really needed to make this money. It could have helped them to afford these repairs and to pay bills.

The Concord car service place made a costly mistake to transport the wrong parts. Since this occurred on Friday, their parts department couldn't deliver another unit until Monday morning. Their mistake cost the driver thousands. To make this matter worse, the driver will miss the highest paying weekend of the year.

How often can a driver earn $60 per hour guaranteed? SideCar's promotion is unimpressive with holding a competition to provide 1.5x-2.0x multiples for different categories. UberX is paying out a hefty $60 per hour minimum to drive between 7am-7p.m. on Sunday.

The ridesharing driver must sit at home and continue to sink into their financial pit. Their car has been sitting in a shop since Thursday. It will remain there until Monday afternoon. They will miss the best weekend to work in 2014. They haven't worked one day this week because the passenger door created a few bad star rating problems. If this driver tells their passenger they can't sit up front, they will use that rejection to rate them low. This driver explained the reason this passenger door was inoperable; however, passengers are uninterested with sob stories.

Is the driver to blame for their month going sour? Previously, the radiator cannister ruptured near Sear's Point. This breakdown cost them a tow charge and a few checks got returned for missing the deposit cutoff time at 8pm while waiting for this tow truck driver to arrive. The cooling problem got repaired for much cheaper than what the dealership would charge to make this repair in their service department.

The driver replaced their tires. A brake job was also performed to change out the rotors and put on new brake pads. They had a few oil changes since November. For the most part, the passenger door problem is the most damaging issue. It cost me thousands in lost fares and $889 in labor and parts.

How can this driver salvage this situation after losing 90% of my income from the previous month? With many of my bills now going unpaid, this driver is risking a financial disaster where everything will be lost. This driver can't move out of his parent's home, which they haven't stayed at in over a decade. They lived in Southern California for several years before making a temporary move to Florida, and then returned back to Northern California. They can honestly say this past year is the worst in my entire adult life.

The driver's ridesharing is over this weekend. They don't have an approved car to work. It was this service department in Concord that made a mistake with sending the wrong part out for delivery. It cost the driver thousands in guaranteed earnings. They will suffer from this mistake. It should've  never happened. How hard is it to order the right part? It's not a tough job. Unfortunately, the car service department place of Concord is incapable. They didn't properly review their order to ensure accuracy.

Do you have a ridesharing disaster you want to share? Does this ridesharing experience resemble the driver's story above? Leave a comment below. Thanks for reading.