Monday, May 12, 2014

Lyft may deactivate driving accounts in less than a week

We have heard of Lyft drivers getting deactivated after less than a week driving. It's ridiculous that Lyft treats their drivers this poorly. When drivers are performing great, Lyft will go above and beyond. The moment that ratings fall to the bottom 5 percent, Lyft keeps a close eye on these driver accounts. Lyft drivers work hard to promote the Pink mustache company.

Lyft drivers take drunk people safely to their homes. In one trip, a driver drove an emotional drunk named Andy to his apartment near the State-themed streets right off I-280 in San Francisco. This drunken Lyft passenger verbally exploded on this driver, lecturing them as if he were a parent scolding their kids - spit and all. Apparently, this rider had some sort of PTSD relapse on the rainy freeway, and decided to yell at this driver after his trip ended.

Lyft passengers are the worst riders of all the ridesharing companies. Their passengers take advantage of the rating system to deactivate drivers. These riders know that a "1" star will lower a driver's overall score. Why give a driver a "1" star? Does a driver deserve a "1" star for talking to a snob like Spanish Omelette? What about a "1" star from a passenger that a driver never drove ($5 cancellation fee)? A Lyft mentor shared these star ratings and feedback with a Lyft driver who eventually got deactivated a few, short weeks later.

Lyft operates the most flawed rating system. This ridesharing company prefers to treat their drivers like expendable parts. They drain every last bit of life out of their drivers. The moment Lyft drivers drop in star ratings and are flagged in all categories, Lyft's pathetic Performance Review Department will deactivate them. Forget about trying to get reactivated; you'll be wasting your time. Lyft won't reconsider and/or mediate deactivated driver accounts. This is it for you. Life goes on, though.

Lyft's San Francisco HQ may have deactivated drivers in less than a week. Recently, a particular driver shared that they lost their driving privileges in 5 days. Can a Lyft driver perform bad enough to get deactivated in a week? Former Lyft drivers share their deactivation stories on many websites.

Any driver can get deactivated in 7 days or less. Did Lyft provide an honest explanation? Probably not. How did this deactivation make you feel? Like s**t. Did a Lyft employee send you a generic e-mail? Later in the night to remind this driver of this termination a mere 10 days before Christmas. Lyft wins the ridesharing award for unethically deactivating driver accounts without any warning.

Lyft deactivation probability: High Risk