Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Leaving headlights on affected ridesharing on Saturday

My car headlights were left on and the battery died. I called roadside assistance to get a jumpstart. However, the insurance company sent an inexperienced roadside truck driver who knew nothing about BMWs. He rushed to perform this jumpstart service because of another tow service call in Vallejo.

Leaving the headlights on while watching a movie prevented me from working. I wasted 3-4 hours sitting in a movie parking lot trying to figure out how to get a jumpstart. This roadside driver took an hour to reach us, and then couldn't stay long enough to properly jump the battery.

I knew this service driver lacked the time and experience to perform the services. Once he indicated there was a tow service call two cities over, I realized then that I would get stranded in this parking lot.

I called home to request my brother and his friend to help me. His friend and he were in no position to drive. I couldn't get the right help that could power this battery.

I called several places to request information on their battery charges. These auto shops claimed their battery chargers took 24 hours to charge. This foiled my plan to charge the dead battery.

I walked down to an auto shop and purchased jumper cables. Eventually, I decided to call this roadside service again and request another truck. I recommended a truck company who responded to a past tow service call.

The driver this company sent out performed a great job. He had previous experience jumpstarting BMWs at AAA.

It was already 10p.m. I contemplated whether I should drive or use this battery issue as a sign to stay home. I didn't drive Saturday night. I save the gas I had left to work on Sunday night in Napa.

Did any car issues and/or another problem cause you stay off the road?