Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Is Lyft a service for drunk people?

Drunk riders are empowered to rate Lyft drivers with low scores. Their numb fingers can cause a good Lyft driver to get deactivated. These Lyft passengers can yell at Lyft drivers without any recourse.

Lyft tries to maintain a pool of high-rated drivers (5.0 stars) as a measure to promote their quality services. Nevertheless, drivers for Lyft must worry about the drunk community. These are the worst possible passengers any ride-sharing driver can expect to drive home.

There are Lyft passengers who attempt to take open containers of alcohol in Lyft cars. They drink whisky, beer and cocktail drinks in moving Lyft cars. The moment ridesharing drivers kindly request these passengers to exit their vehicles, they will write false feedback to move a driver toward deactivation.

The worst lyfting nightmare is driving a quiet drunk back home. These are most dangerous riders since they lack any respect for the Lyft driver's vehicle. If you don't mind cleaning up chunks of vomit from your seat, be our guest to work for Lyft during the late hours between Friday and Saturday.

Take precaution lyfting on Friday and Saturday nights. Visit a local airport to stockpile on vomit bags. If you have a really drunk rider in your vehicle, a vomit bag won't do you any good. You have to quickly instruct this passenger to open the door to vomit on the street. Who will clean up this vomit in Pacific Heights, Marina or other nice districts?

Lyft is known for providing ridesharing services to drunk riders. A new Lyft driver is expected to haul these disrespectful riders around the city. Imagine driving a drunk girl in front of her apartment on Golden Gate Ave., and then hearing her wake up to projectile vomit. If we want to watch vomit, then we would rent The Exorcist movie.

A female sheep (Halloween costume) vomited in a ridesharing driver's vehicle. When he attempted to help her, she pushed him and got her nasty vomit on his sweater. Her chunks of pink tuna, marinated in alcohol, soaked into the upholstery. This vomit oozed down the backdoor window and door panel.

If drivers transport a drunk rider in their personal car, expect occasional episodes where vomit may enter your ride. You may get lucky if riders show respect. However, just know potential problems of lyfting drunk passengers put drivers at risk of becoming cleaning service professionals. Remember this when applying to become a Lyft driver. Think twice because Lyft appears to operate as ride-sharing service that caters to the drunk community.

If drivers work the late weekend hours, they can make a fortune lyfting. However, they risk drunk people rating them low, leaving poor feedback and possible riders vomiting in their vehicle. Beware!

Lyft vomit fee - $250
See article on vomit procedure for Lyft:

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