Friday, May 09, 2014

In the community Uber is believed to only run black car services

I chatted with a lady who uses Lyft. She shared that her co-workers use Uber often, and joked about them waiting for their fancy black town cars. This lady was reluctant to accept the Uber promo card, but eventually discovered that Uber is more than a black car and taxi service. She now knows that Uber has a ridesharing service available, known as UberX.

New Uber users can download the Uber app at or find it at the App Store and on Google Play. Once you download this ridesharing app, click on promotions and input promo code ts958u to get $20 off on your first ride.

Spread the promo code ts958u to friends, family and co-workers who will find ridesharing a useful service to meet their transportation needs. Why drive and pay parking, sit in traffic and get frustrated? Sit and relax in an UberX.

Uber is a transportation platform that connects people with drivers. Uber Black and Uber SUV are black cars and SUVs driven by drivers with commercial licenses. Uber Taxi is identical to a taxi service, where drivers use Yellow Prius cars and other types of taxi vehicles. Lastly, UberX is the ridesharing division of Uber in which all drivers use their personal vehicles to connect with riders.

Good luck taking UberX!