Friday, May 16, 2014

Enjoy your Lyft driver while it lasts

Lyft drivers are expendable. Passengers may meet a really cool Lyft driver on Friday night and this same driver will get deactivated on Sunday morning. Welcome to Lyft world, a ridesharing company that activates and deactivates drivers at the fastest rate possible.

We once respected Lyft. We believed this ridesharing company operated a professional transportation outfit. However, Lyft runs the most unethical Performance Review Department. Their list of 100 things to do that passengers may have complained about is unintelligent. We can't expect much from Lyft.

Lyft drivers need to maximize their earnings. One positive thing at Lyft is that ridesharing drivers can make money driving on weekends. It is not unheard of that a driver can make $35-50 an hour driving normal people to destinations. Make as much money as you can before Lyft eventually deactivates you.

On the contrary; the problem with Lyft is loyalty. Lyft has no loyalty, so why should drivers invest their energy into providing the best possible service? At Lyft, the passenger possesses all the power. If a navigation, friendliness, safety and cleanliness flag arrive, a Lyft driver better watch out. Getting flagged and receiving ratings below 4.80 are grounds for deactivation.

Lyft doesn't care if you go above and beyond to make your rides memorable. It's silly driving for Lyft because they expect their drivers to have conversations with many dull and bitter people who rate you less just for talking to them when they would rather remain silent. Try talking to a Lyft passenger riding in the front seat and who is antisocial. If Lyft dropped the social theme, not as many drivers would get deactivated.

Lyft sets up their drivers to fail. They allow passengers to leave feedback. It doesn't matter if this feedback is written by a drunk girl who doesn't know where she lives, Lyft accepts this feedback as reliable and may likely deactivate a driver without warning them ahead of their shift.

Lyft drivers are treated like scrap metal. Once drivers serve their purpose to build value into Lyft, their accounts are eventually deactivated if ratings fall under 4.80 and their driving accounts are tossed into the junkyard. Lyft shares that less than 4.80 puts a driver at the bottom 5% percentile of all drivers. This is suggesting that you must average at least 4.90 or risk getting deactivated. What a terrible rating system!

Our suggestion for Lyft is terminate your entire Performance Review Department. They are the worst group of employees ever assembled. Start with Nancy and work your way down.

Lyft drivers are treated like garbage. They are relevant while their ratings are high. The moment this score drops and deceptive feedback arrives from passengers, Lyft will deactivate driving accounts. The Performance Review team claims they have been monitoring your account and took this action to improve their driving community.

Tell us how drivers unfit for your ridesharing services are maintaining high scores on other ridesharing app platforms and have given triple the rides? This is because you implement a poor review system and fail to communicate with your drivers. Your drivers may never have any conflict or past incidents with passengers. They may accept abuse from riders who threaten them.

Moreover, these drivers are transporting drunk passengers who somehow conceal open containers of alcohol and consume this while inside vehicles. There are ridesharing users who have admitted to smoking weed inside Lyft rides. The Performance Review Department at Lyft is doing a superb job!

Enjoy the competition Lyft. Another future ridesharing company will fix all your flaws and make you an afterthought in the ridesharing game.