Friday, May 16, 2014

City citations will influence ridesharing

San Francisco SFMTA officers are out in full force during the weekdays. These officers don't care if your grandmother is in violation, they will issue tickets. However, an officer may let a Valet parking worker at 745 Battery Street go without a parking ticket seconds after issuing a bus zone ticket.

Welcome to SFMTA. Mail trucks, delivery trucks and other vehicles are always parked in the bus zone. These vehicles are not cited for a bus zone ticket, but a ridesharing vehicle making a quick pickup and about to leave a bus zone area is cited. A few days later, this citation is corrected to reflect another parking infraction and to revise the wrong address put on the original ticket. 

Based on this matter, it may appear that SFMTA is discriminating against ridesharing drivers to reduce cars on the San Francisco streets. It is this reason that ridesharing drivers should avoid working the weekday hours. Let SFMTA deal with the traffic problem in San Francisco. 

SFMTA buses run red lights with passengers inside. They block cars to create traffic fine issues with Photo Enforced lights. These bus drivers are not courteous, as you will find many of them honking their horns at you like a crazy lunatic. 

Typically, any vehicle crossing a bus zone can be issued a ticket. Of course, buses are exempt from this vehicle code. 

SFMTA citation officers drive around the city and issue citations. These officers schedule tow trucks to impound vehicles parked in illegal zones. SFMTA officers can ruin a ridesharing drivers day. They can also restrict the number of drivers on the road because a bus zone ticket cost $270. 

Avoid working weekday hours to reduce citations. Don't give your hard working dollars to the city of San Francisco. You're already spending a fortune on car repairs; it's their terrible roads on South Van Ness and Franklin that destroy tires and shocks. 

Driving at night is the best time to rideshare. It is safer, more relaxing and passengers have better attitudes. You will make better money during Friday and Saturday nights. 

SFMTA will do everything in their power to issue tickets. You will never win an appeal against them since their officers make it a point to be alert on any reviews. It is a waste of time to fight any citation.

We urge you to never pick up your passengers in a bus zone. If you see your passenger standing at a bus zone, pass this area and park at a less conflicting spot. Why pay $270 for a bus ticket? You know how hard it is to make $270 ridesharing in San Francisco? 

Reduce citations by being alert of your surroundings. The city of San Francisco obviously allow their bus drivers to run red lights and block intersections. SFMTA will rush to issue bus tickets and make mistakes on the address and the type of citation. It's acceptable for SFMTA officers to make mistakes, but drivers must follow the traffic laws. These officers will block you from leaving and won't say anything to you except for reacting fast enough to scan a VIN and improve their ticket quota. 

SFMTA officers are unlike SF police officers. Maybe their small buggies make them feel powerful. Who knows? These SFMTA officers may have been police academy rejects. If SFMTA wants to be consistent with the parking codes, they must issue tickets to U.S. Postal trucks, delivery trucks, Valet parking attendants who are violating parking rules, and everyone else in violation. Unfairly targeting ridesharing drivers will ultimately congest the roads and make SF transportation a daily nightmare. 

We see many people plead to parking control officers to let them go. These people make up stories as to why they didn't feed the meter. Parking control officers believe these sappy stories and warn these people to make sure they follow the traffic rules. The truth is that SFMTA may be issuing citations to ridesharing drivers to influence this form of transportation. Why help another competitor make money? 

Watch the roads and avoid SFMTA buses that run red lights, cut you off, almost crush your vehicle on a tight corner, and honk at you without showing any courtesy. How many city buses have caused workers to be late? What about causing another driver to get a traffic light violation? Most importantly, stay clear of parking enforcement officers who will heist your hard earnings. 

Welcome to SFMTA and San Francisco's daily transportation nightmare.