Friday, May 09, 2014

As big as Uber is, there are still people in San Francisco that haven't heard of them

While having breakfast at a bagel shop in San Francisco I introduced a lady to Uber. She never heard about the Uber brand nor any of the ridesharing services available in the city. Whereas ridesharing service is deemed as innovative, there are many others who haven't taken the dive into the sharing economy. As an experienced ridesharing driver, I explained how the app works and provided details of UberX.

Word of mouth marketing is the key to build a broader user base. It is all about spreading the word that such services do exist and people can summon a personal driver to take them wherever is needed. The joy of Uber and its platform are that drivers are positioned in the right places within San Francisco to give rides. Therefore, passengers are matched with the closest possible driver to pick them up.

This lady (at the bagel shop) shared that she likes the safety factor of ridesharing services. She asked how long I've been doing this type of work, which I told him was less than a year. I also indicated that safety is my primary focus. It is also important to reveal that drivers undergo background checks to ensure the highest safety standards and to establish trust among the community. This is where the rating system comes into play - both passengers and drivers can rate one another to provide accountability.

Passengers can watch their drivers on the app window. Once the driver nears the pickup location, a text message is sent to the passenger. Passengers can text and or call their drivers for provide special instructions. There are times the pickup location may be off since the GPS does experience some sporadic errors. A driver may be waiting for their passenger on a small street behind Mission; however, the passenger is standing out in front of a restaurant a block over. A passenger can send a text that their group or they're standing right outside of a certain bar, restaurant and/or landmark.

Communication is the key to making ridesharing a fun and exciting experience. If you haven't taken an UberX yet, download the app at and input promo code ts958u to get $20 off on your first ride. Depending on your location in San Francisco, a ride to SFO may only cost you $10-13 - after the $20 off is deducted from the total fare.

Ridesharing services are popular with college students, business people, moviegoers, tourists,

Keep track of this website for any new promotions. If you have any questions on how to use the Uber app, feel free to leave a comment. Enjoy your ridesharing experience!