Saturday, May 17, 2014

Are Pedestrians always in the right?

While driving in San Francisco, all drivers must be extremely careful. Pedestrians constantly jaywalk and don't care whether a car is approaching them. They expect drivers to yield to them, which in our opinion is a terrible mentality. Are pedestrians always in the right?

San Francisco is populated with thousands of people who walk in all parts of the city. You'll find these people crossing the street when cars are zooming down the road at 30 MPH. No matter what, drivers must yield to these pedestrians who may be tourists, residents, homeless people and city workers, restaurant and bar-goers. San Francisco

It is worth driving in San Francisco as a ridesharing driver? It really depends on what promotions are going on to make driving during busy weekday mornings, evenings and on weekends beneficial. Every ridesharing company runs a special promotion to entice drivers. UberX and SideCar are sending out emails and text messages about their promotions this weekend.

The top promotion this weekend is Uber's guaranteed $60 per hour to drive on Bay to Breakers race day. Uber drivers are guaranteed $60 per hour to drive between 7am-7pm. SideCar is holding a promotion that doesn't make much sense and is something that won't benefit their drivers right away. Therefore, the clear winner is Uber and their UberX ride sharing platform.

UberX's promotion can improve safety since drivers are probably not racing to get as many fares as possible. Instead, these drivers are concentrating on safely driving their passengers from point A to B. However, SideCar is holding a special promotion that gives their drivers a 1.5X-2.0X on future rides next weekend. This promotion is based on competition to give as many rides as possible.

As a result of this SideCar promotion, motivating drivers by competition can increase safety risk. Because it is busy doesn't suggest that drivers can make good money. Rushing and failing to yield to pedestrians and/or brief interruptions could in fact cause safety issues.

SideCar is not guaranteeing that their drivers will make $35-60 an hour driving on Bay to Breakers race day. Drivers are racing to get rides because they want to finish in the top percentile of drivers. They realize receiving a 2.0X next weekend can mean they can earn $50-80 an hour driving.

When race finishers and spectators are walking the streets, chances are they may not concentrate on incoming cars. These pedestrians may walk across a busy street without looking for cars. At Pier 39, pedestrians don't seem to care about jaywalking. They walk in the middle of the street and expect drivers to see them. What if a collision occurs? We all know who will get hurt in this event.

SFPD must enforce strict policies to ticket pedestrians who jaywalk. The reason jaywalking is frowned upon is because people can get hurt and possibly killed. Pedestrians should never take a risk; they could be playing Russian roulette on the busy roads. SFMTA vehicles, taxis and other cars are usually rushing to reach an intended destination. Never assume cars will automatically yield to you.

It is extremely dangerous to drive in San Francisco. Ridesharing is not fun and profitable if you kill a pedestrian, no matter if it's your fault or not. The mental anguish of taking away another life can drive a person in ruin. Be careful out there on the SF roads and always scan left to right and right to left. Whereas customer service is expected as a ridesharing drivers, make sure that safety remains your number #1 priority at all times.

Drive safely this weekend. The Bay to Breakers race weekend is considered the busiest time to drive, especially with all the road closures. Good luck driving with Lyft, SideCar and UberX.