Monday, April 07, 2014

Slow Monday ride-sharing

For the first time ever, I reached the Morris Planetarium in Golden Gate Park without a ride request. This is rare for me to not get a ride during the day hours. I attempted to drive out to the Morris Planetarium again, but this time I reached and realized that ride-sharing was an absolute bust today.

The last three days produced earnings that equalled what I made last Saturday working only 4 hours. I had to drive for three nights to earn $40-50 less than last Saturday night. I'm beginning to see the disadvantages of ride-sharing now, as this recent cold streak is seriously impacting me financially.

The cost of gas and toll are keeping me from fully maximizing ride-sharing. I keep getting ride requests from distant cities, where making these trips don't make financial sense. Imagine driving three cities over to make a 1-2 mile trip. You spend $10 in gas to earn $5-6. Even worse, you lose out on business at a busy time that may produce $50-$100 in potential earnings in one to two hours.

A slow Monday ride-sharing started this week off bad. I only gave 2 rides today, far from the usual 7-10 rides. Have you noticed the decline in ride-sharing business? Share your experiences below.