Monday, April 14, 2014

Reliable vehicles make stable income

If you are a ridesharing driver, then you know that your car is the key to success. Everything related to your vehicle determines whether you make money or waste time. We can all drive passengers in a car. It is not hard to maintain safety and entertain passengers. However, the most important aspect of ridesharing is owning a stable car. Without a good car, ridesharing drivers will stay grounded.

Ridesharing takes a toll on personal vehicles and their drivers. A hilly city such as San Francisco may quickly wear out your brakes, tires and shocks. To put this in perspective, ridesharing drivers may have to change their oil every 5 weeks, get new tires once a year and change brakes annually. Ridesharing can become an expensive primary and/or side job.

The trick to maintaining stability is to drive smart. Find the best locations to park and wait for ride requests. Work the best hours to maximize business. Avoiding driving too much; instead, take a break and then position yourself closer to the action. Reduce the cost of gas. Drive in a straight line and avoid hills unless your are driving passengers. Make sure your tires are in good condition - always inflate them to their factory specifications.

Owning a reliable vehicle keeps you on the road. If you follow a specific strategy, you will make good income. If you spend too much gas and work the wrong hours, you won't make any real income. Try your best to spend less and earn more. Happy riding!