Monday, April 14, 2014

Lyft is Pathetic!!! The ridesharing bottom feeder

The following is a real Lyft driver who got deactivated from this ridesharing company as a result of their rating dropping to 4.79 for past 100 ratings. This poor star rating system is responsible for deactivating really good Lyft drivers. Lyft's bottom feeding Performance Review is to blame for this major flaw. In our honest opinion, this ridesharing company has no integrity and can't be relied on.

It doesn't matter if the driver has an overall rating in the upper 5 percent. The previous 100 rated trips are what will doom them. Have you been a victim of deactivation on the Lyft platform?

Read this driver's deactivation story below: 

Back in December, Lyft deactivated my driver account after my overall rating dipped to 4.79. Their decision to deactivate me affected my finances and credit rating. This deactivation set me back many months, especially during the holiday season. Imagine getting deactivated 10 days before Christmas.

The ultimate betrayal is the Performance Review Department failing to perform their duties. They deserve a "1" star rating, which I believe is too generous. Lyft is pathetic!

Lyft recently sent me an email to ask if they said something wrong to keep me off the road. They offered me an incentive to get back on the road again. How does this e-mail make any sense? Lyft deactivated me over bogus feedback and an overall rating that is good enough to drive at all ridesharing companies.

Nancy is the worst of them all since she mentioned TaskRabbit and RelayRides as alternatives to Lyft. Why not mention SideCar and UberX? In my honest opinion, Lyft doesn't want their former drivers to compete against them.

How can you make money performing tasks and renting out your car? Please Nancy, do something productive and actually inform Lyft passengers and help your fellow drivers to avoid common pitfalls.

To top it off, Lyft has the nerve to send me an e-mail four months after my deactivation from their platform.  

This Lyft e-mail is a reminder that this poor company has a lot to learn. They lack leadership, over analyze feedback and treat their drivers as expendable parts. The moment a rating drops below their minimum score requirements, Lyft's Performance Review Team will deactivate accounts. 

Interestingly, a SideCar passenger usually rates all Lyft drivers with 3 and 4 stars. How many more passengers are unfairly rating their drivers? It is common for Lyft passengers to rate their drivers poorly. These passengers are empowered to deactivate good drivers. If you don't maintain a rating above 4.80 or greater, you will be put on the chopping block. 

Many ridesharing passengers refuse to use Lyft. They shared their insight that fist bumping, the Pink mustache and clueless drivers with a lack of city knowledge are the main reasons to avoid Lyft. 

This recent Lyft email reminds me how lucky I am to avoid driving for this pathetic ridesharing company.

Read the email below. It was sent 4 months after my account got deactivated. This deactivation occurred 10 days before Christmas. Lyft has no class.

The sample Lyft email below:

Subject: "Was it Something We Said?"

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